MoCA process-based approach article PUBLISHED!!!

Applied Neuropsychology: Adult journal gives you access to the online version of the article
Earlier this month, the article entitled "Features and psychometric properties of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment: Review and proposal of a process-based approach version (MoCA-PA)" has been published online in Applied Neuropsychology: Adult. This article, co-authored by Dr. Alberto Blanco-Campal, Dr. Unai Diaz-Orueta, Dr. Ana Belen Navarro-Prados, Prof. Teresa Burke, Dr. David J Libon and Dr. Melissa Lamar, revises and modifies the standard version of the test and helps the reader to acknowledge the benefits and the added value of the information obtained from the test, in more or less the same amount of time, using a process-based approach versus an approach based on paying attention just to total scores and cut-points. The article can be accessed online here: