Two published articles... and more on the way

Two articles, one in Spanish for "Revista de Neurología" and one in English for "International Psychogeriatrics", put E-SPACE project in the mainstream of scientific publications in gerontology and neuropsychology.
As a summary of publications achieved over the course of the project, 2 articles in peer-reviewed journals have been published:

Diaz-Orueta, U., Blanco-Campal, A., & Burke, T. (2017). Rapid review of cognitive screening instruments in MCI: proposal for a process-based approach modification of overlapping tasks in select widely used instruments. International Psychogeriatrics. Epub ahead of print.

Diaz-Orueta, U., Blanco-Campal, A., & Burke, T. (2017). Process-based approach neuropsychological assessment: review of the evidence and proposal for improvement of dementia screening tools [Article in Spanish]. Revista de Neurología, 64(11), 514-524.

Additional articles on the specific modifications performed in the MoCA and the ACE-III screening tools will follow during 2018. We will keep you updated!!